GRB Responses

Burst Optical Observer and Transient Exploring System    

( A world wide Network of Robotic Telescopes )


GRB GCN Publication T(obs)-T(GRB) Satellite Magnitude Comments
191106A GCN 26179 342s Swift >20.7 clear filter
191029A GCN 26092 0.26h Swift >19.2 g-band only
190515B GCN 24567 0.11h Swift >18.9 g-band only
190311A     Swift >19  
190220B GCN  23916 84s INTEGRAL >18 g-band only
190211A GCN 23886 0.26h Swift 19.1 OT confirmation
190123A GCN 23772 0.29h Swift >20.9  
190114B GCN 23694 0.37h Swift 20.3 OT discovery, Sánchez-Ramírez et al., in prep.
190106A GCN 23627 1.6h Swift 19.4+/-0.1 g-band
141109B GCN 17047 3.5h Swift >20  
140102A GCN 15685 70s Swift 14.0 OT discovery, Oates et al., in prep.
130313A GCN 14299 2h Swift >18.5 also observed at BOOTES-3
121226A GCN 14106 36s Swift >19 only 9s after GCN notice
121123A GCN 13987 2.43h Swift 18.87+/-0.15 r-band
121028A   10h Swift >18 i, Z and clear filter images
120510B GCN 13286 1.6h Fermi >19.5 MASTER OT in Fermi error box
120320A GCN 13080 2h Swift >16.3 high airmass
120311B   3.38h Swift >18.2  
120311A   13.67h Swift >17.8  
120308A   13.93h Swift -- clouds. only about 20 stars visible after reducing and combining 23 images
120302A   15.28h Swift -- manual target (GRB detected in ground-based data) - one image with no source @ XRT position and then 4 images after 12 more hours
120224A   7.3h Swift   clouds
120219A   95s Swift >17.8 commissioning. Fast pointing off by 20', corrected by 20:13 UT
120213A   20.85h Swift -- cloudy sky. Only few stars are detected
120212A   2.88h Swift -- commissioning phase. Telescope not focused yet
120211A - 2.03h Swift -- commissioning phase. Telescope not focused yet