GRB Responses

Burst Optical Observer and Transient Exploring System    

( A world wide Network of Robotic Telescopes )

GRB Telescope flag Response time
GCN delay
Satellite Publication and notes
190219A B-1B limit 121s 82s Swift GCN 23904, R > 19
150309A B-1B limit 86s   Swift GCN 23016
121024A B-1B detection 40m   Swift GCN 13888. OA detected (r = 18.2+/-0.5)
120521C B-1B limit 11.7m   Swift GCN 13323. R>20
110918A B-1B limit 27.6h   Swift GCN 12361, R >17
081221 B-1B   48m   Swift-337889 Dome_closing_too_much problem
081210 B-1B   46m   Swift-337073 Dome_closing_too_much problem
081003 B-1B  limit 9.6s 33.2s INTEGRAL-5361 GCN 8320
081001 B-1B       SuperAgile observed also from OSN
080924 B-1B   64s 49s Swift-325827 Not a GRB
080923 B-1B   272s 249s Swift-325707 In the end not a GRB
(080828 -- Observation resumed at Bootes1B)
(080707 -- the dome transmission ruptured at Bootes1B)
080605 B-1 good response 41.9s 29.3s Swift-313299 R~15, LC, GCN 7837, T50115
080603B B-1   41.9s 26.2s Swift-313087 60m after the GRB a first usable image. T50113
080602.9 B-1 good response? 18.3m 34,5s X20073
080430 B-1   34.4s 22.1s Swift-310613 Lightcurve! (W~15) GCN 7648 (T50090) At twilight sky
080413A B-1 good response 60.7s 46.3s Swift-309096 Lightcurve! (W~13.5) GCN 7603 (T50082)
080330 B-1   379s   Swift-308041 Manually (W~16.3), during comissioning, with some problems (T1017)
(060422 -- Bootes1B struck by lightning)
060421 B-1B good response 47.6s 61.2s Swift-206257 to be analysed
060418 B-1B   ? ? Swift-205851 full disk, cloudy
060111 B-1B good response 296s - Swift-176918 While focusing, nothing
051221B B-1B good response 27.8 3m55s Swift-173904 [0.0027,10,V>13.3] also lim in R,I
(051215) B-1A not a GRB, good response 17.3s 6m23s Swift Not checked 400mm out of focus.
(051215) B-1B not a GRB 21m   Swift [0.015, 300, R>~16.3], bright moon, delay because of telescope maintanance
051211B B-1B good response 42s 23s INTEGRAL [0.0006, 30, I>14] No other images (i.e. R-band), I band out of focus. USB camera off (dead computer)
051211A B-1B   184.4s 48.4s HETE-3979 no images made...
(051112) B-1B not a GRB 202s   Swift-163632 X 2127+119 (evening? -> "long slew")
(051112) B-1B not a GRB 37s   HETE-3959 particle
(051109) B-1B not a GRB 26s   Swift-163240 IGR00234+6141 (not a GRB)
051109 B-1B r   54.8s 27s Swift-163170 GCN 4227 [0.0007,10,R=16.2] at the first img.
(051102) B-1B not a GRB !31.5s! 11s HETE-3955 Poor Tony. Excellent result, although only with a prehistoric ST8!
051008 B-1B l   2.2h   Swift-158855 mlha/mraky/nic
051006 B-1B l   7.5h   Swift [0.313,300,V>14] (we have better R limit, I do not know, why I played with this :)
050922C B-1A s simultaneous sim N>5.5
050922C B-1A r   ? ?  
050922C B-1B r   228s 62.3s   Detection in R, clouds, three usable windows
(050908) B-1B not a GRB ~1h40m   Swift-154073 R>18.0 (teff=2h7m) Cekal az vyjde, false
050904 B-1B r   124s 43s Swift-153514 GRB with z=6.3, GCN, R is below Lyman alpha, space is not ionized there
(050903) B-1B   4.4s   Swift-153476 Minimalni presun
(050903) B-1B   13.4s   Swift-153475
(050903) B-1B   36s   Swift-153148
(050903) B-1B   14m53s   Swift-153462 (delay: asi utloukala 1 2.)
(050903) B-1B   8m56s   Swift-153461 Halda falesnych detekci...
050826 B-1B   98.63s 33s Swift-152325 single bad exposure in the morning
050824 B-1B r good response 636s 55.8s   Detekce v R na 12 sectenych 5min snimcich
050824 B-1A s simultaneous sim   Swift-151905 Na kraji WF, N>~10 (6x10s)
050822 B-1B   271s 181s Swift-151486 Moc nizko: dalekohled kouka do strechy (40 min do konce noci, 3-4.5 stupne nad horz.)
050815 B-1B   4h   Swift nejdriv se to popralo s darkama, pak to bylo zpozdeny
050805B B-1B r good response 62.17s 7.17s Swift-149131 limit (R>16.0 1x10s, 62s) (R>17.0 5im, 118s)
050805A B-1B r good response 136.07s 66.07s Swift-149118 limit (3sig: R>18.0, 7sig:R>16.5 5x300s, 2h)
050803 B-1B l   1.77h -
050801 B-1B ?   47.03s 30s Swift-148522 moc nizko.
050730 B-1B r good response 233.41s 172s Swift-148225 nic
(050722) B-1B not a GRB 501.1s ? Swift-147230 -
050713A B-1A simultaneous   Swift-145675 N>9 (8m star nearby)
S144066 B-1B   49.16s 7s Swift Nejak nizko (znamy zdroj)
S143778 B-1B   31s 5s Swift XRT alert (known source)
(050627) B-1B   18s 8s vecer
050528 B-1B good response 71s 28s Swift V>13.8, I>13.0
050525 B-1x simultaneous simultaneous N>9
050525 B-1B good response 383s 28s   LC, ~15.0 na zacatku, Jen V
050509B B-1B good response 62s 48s Swift-SHORT Antena, SLIZ (V>~12.5 pro 62-296s post, ~11.5 10s exposure 62s-72s post-burst)
050509A B-1B limit (23s) (6s) Swift-118707 dome closed - spider!, 10s image 63.8min after: V>14.9, 112x10s(mean t=88.0min): V>18.1
050505 B-1B good response 609s 70s   bez detekce, GCN report
050505 B-1x simultaneous simultaneous   N>9.2, GCN report
050306 B-1B   86s 2s Swift images empty (roof?)
050215B B-1B limit 22m 20.5m Swift GCN 3023, V>16.5, I>15.0 (ie.-1.82)
(050215) B-1B not a GRB   HETE (fake, started 00:29:35)
(050118 -- B1B back up)
(041118 -- B1B down; no images in the archive since then)
041015 B-1B   ? ? ? First GRB followed by new (red) B1B (no OT)
(0930 -- B1B restored operation with the red setup)
030329 B-1n m   1.5d   HETE R=16.4
030226 B-1x   sim   HETE N>11.5
030115 B-1x   sim.   HETE N>10
020531 B-1   sim.   HETE-7688 N>~8 (cirrus) GCN1430
010220 B-1 simultaneous simultaneous BSAX N>10, GCN957
000313 B-1   4m   CGRO/BATSE-8035 N=~10 GCN612B-1n 46h N>19
000126 B-1   22h   IPN N>11 GCN528
980808 B-1   66m   CGRO/BATSE the oldest followup mentioned