GRB Responses

Burst Optical Observer and Transient Exploring System    

( A world wide Network of Robotic Telescopes )

GRB  Publication
 T(obs)- T(GRB)  Satellite  Magnitude  Comments
190109B  GCN 23655 1.6h Swift >20.4  
181213A  GCN 23627 95s Swift 15.6 OA discovery, 1st image 20s after alert
180812A  GCN 23130 52s Swift 17 OA discovery, 1st image 22s after alert
180721A  GCN 23018 53s Swift >18.1 1st image 21s after alert
180709A  GCN 22939 74s Swift >21 1st image 21s after alert
170822A  GCN 21642
 102s  Swift  18.3 OA discovery, 1st image 7s after alert
170817A  GCN 21624
 1.5d  Fermi, INTEGRAL
 1st EM counterpart to a GW NS-NS merger
170519A  GCN 21117  300s  Swift  16.6